Visual artist Felice Hapetzeder


A Video Art History

July 19

Sculptural Pavilion Local A.

Carousell collaborative video

(the question) and (the answer) Local A.

YWNGD (Lost Monuments)

Konstön (Art Island) Local A.


Limits of forgiveness 2007-


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Home: Karlbergsvägen 76, S-113 35 Stockholm
Studio: Visiting address Industrivägen 12, Solna

(the question) and (the answer)

(the question) is a participatory project composed of workshops in which participants are instructed to create portraits of themselves in clay at a public location or in a space designed by the artists. While emphasizing the process of creation and reflection rather than the outcome, the self-portraits could be seen as a way of displaying the individual’s connection to, or footprint on society, just in the way artists have used the self-portrait throughout art history to relate to the position they have occupied in society and in physical space. The workshops, which Local A. regarded as performances in their own right, were documented to be included in the video piece that is shown in a new version for every occasion of exhibiting (the question).

In addition to the self-portraits, Local A. also asked collaborators to write down the most pressing question they were carrying with them at that moment. Through the places where the project has been developed and exhibited – Stockholm and Gävle in Sweden, Jerusalem and Hofit in Israel and in Istanbul – (the question) has become a sponge for picking up some random but urgent questions of our time.

For the occasion of exhibiting (the question) at Institute of Provocation's Black Sesame gallery in Beijing, Local A. decided to address their accumulation of questions by asking the staff and collaborators of IFP to answer a few questions each. This way they attempt to give the project, which until now has been seen as indefinite, some closure. The result is seen in the exhibition and the video (the question) and (the answer).

The Swedish artists Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder work together as artist group Local A. involving groups of people in the original creation of art through workshops. Local A. calls their process Workshop as Research.

(the question) has been previously performed, exhibited and screened at PASAJ Istanbul, Gävle Konstcentrum, IASPIS Stockholm project room, in Jerusalem and Hofit - Israel.