Visual artist Felice Hapetzeder


A Video Art History

July 19

Sculptural Pavilion Local A.

Carousell collaborative video

(the question) and (the answer) Local A.

YWNGD (Lost Monuments)

Konstön (Art Island) Local A.


Limits of forgiveness 2007-


Contact: felice(at)
Home: Karlbergsvägen 76, S-113 35 Stockholm
Studio: Visiting address Industrivägen 12, Solna

The exhibition Struck

Struck at Haninge art gallery was created in collaboration with an amateur theatre group and a school in Jordbro during winter and spring of 2012.

The photo suite The Jordbro series contains ten portraits and aerial photographs of Jordbro. The photographic portraits were taken in interaction with members of the theatre group Sesam. With help from a make-up artist staged images inspired by the '60’s / '70 ‘s when pop icons such as Prince, Bowie and Twiggy first became popular, where taken. By the choice of epoch Hapetzeder links these to the planning and construction of Jordbro.
Aerial photographs of Jordbro capture a larger view. The overview and distanced contemplation makes reference to the documentary, satellite photography and historical photographs. The people, architecture and topography in the Jordbro series together form a kind of portrait of the place Jordbro. The discrepancy between the exanimating portraits and aerial photographs also betray the fact that every aspect of Jordbro cannot be described photographically; just as a person cannot be defined by the place she grew up in.

The video material Time Capsule Jordbro (2012-2032) has been created during a series of workshops with two fifth grades from a school in Jordbro. In films and interviews pupils communicate with themselves in the future. Time Capsule Jordbro (2012-2032) contains expectations about who they want to be in twenty years but also dramatized events from everyday life in Jordbro today. After the show the video material from the workshop will be sealed in a computer for 20 years at Haninge cultural centre. In 2032 it will be made available for viewing.