Visual artist Felice Hapetzeder


A Video Art History

July 19

Sculptural Pavilion Local A.

Carousell collaborative video

(the question) and (the answer) Local A.

YWNGD (Lost Monuments)

Konstön (Art Island) Local A.


Limits of forgiveness 2007-


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Home: Karlbergsvägen 76, S-113 35 Stockholm
Studio: Visiting address Industrivägen 12, Solna

Sculptural Pavilion (installation, video 11 min 2016)

Sculptural Pavilion trailer of the video work 1:50 min

Sculptural Pavilion is an installation, which originates in a form made by children, transformed to the scale of architecture and displayed in interplay with a video work produced in connection to it. Children are the humans who will live in our society the longest. Should they also have possibilities to participate in the aesthetical shaping of the society they live in? An adaptation from a sculpture made by children was built in the public space in Ristinummi, Vaasa, Finland and in the semi-public space of Kungsängen Municipal Art Gallery, Upplands-Bro, Sweden during 2016.
The expression of the enlarged sculptures stands in stark contrast to the hegemony of functional bodies of architecture. The giants of power, politicians and corporations, decide upon urban planning – hopefully in coincidence with the general public opinion. Sculptural Pavilion on the other hand is shaped by a benevolent child giant. It is a symbol of young people’s expression translated to a bigger scale. The video in Sculptural Pavilion is a visualisation of a ritual of transporting and placing the sculptures in the public realm, produced in separate workshops with the children.

The artists Jenny Berntsson and Felice Hapetzeder of Local A. started the work on Sculptural Pavilion in workshops with children from the Tarlabaşı neighbourhood in Istanbul in Turkey, Ristinummi outside Vaasa in Finland and Bro, a suburb of Stockholm in Sweden. The children created sculptures with starting points in the notions of Shelter and Stage. Shelter represents the necessity for a safe position, a space to live and grow in. Stage denotes the need for platforms as possibilities to develop personal interests, treats and abilities and make one’s voice heard.