Visual artist Felice Hapetzeder


A Video Art History

July 19

Sculptural Pavilion Local A.

Carousell collaborative video

(the question) and (the answer) Local A.

YWNGD (Lost Monuments)

Konstön (Art Island) Local A.


Limits of forgiveness 2007-


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Home: Karlbergsvägen 76, S-113 35 Stockholm
Studio: Visiting address Industrivägen 12, Solna

July 19 (7:43 min, 2015)

On the day this work was filmed and not far away, four children were killed. On a different beach facing the same ocean.
A performance on the beach by Israeli artist Doron Polak, is depicted in the work. The performer digs a trench, as he did during the wars of his years in the army, as did his father, the concentration camp survivor, before him.