Sculptural Pavilion
Arbetsplats(frågan)/The Workplace (question)
pilot Tarlabaşı Community Workshop and Exhibition
(frågan)/(the question)
Draft for art in the public realm
Konstön / Art Island
Workshop as research
Record Construct
Bygg Rec

Local A. was started in 2009 and is run by the artists Felice Hapetzeder och Jenny Berntsson.





Sculptural Pavilion, Istanbul


Exhibition at Istanbul Child- and youth art biennal 2016

Local A.

Episodes during the exhbition:

In the evening of third of May Local A.'s exhibition Sculptural Pavilion at the Children and Youth Art Biennial in Istanbul was dismantled. The protests against censorship by Beyoglu municipality (see below) have been unsuccessful and unsupported by the biennial management and Local A. as well as the other artists chosen by Pasaj have decided to withdraw our participation in protest. Several works, including works by children and young people, in the Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial, in which Local A. was participating, were censored.

Workshop as Research

Local A.s earlier project Tarlabaşı Community Worskhop and Exhibition pilot was the startingpoint for the Sculptural Pavilion project.

Local A. were invited to take part of the Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial and exhibited the works from their former show Tarlabasi Contemporary as well as new additions. An adaptation of a sculpture made by children of the Bro workshop for Sculptural Pavilion, was brought to the show and exhibited together with the sculptures adapted from the workshops with children from Tarlabasi the year before. New video scenes were shot in Tarlabasi with children carrying and ceremoniously placing the sculptures in the public space with help from PASAJ artist space.

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