Sculptural Pavilion
Arbetsplats(frågan)/The Workplace (question)
pilot Tarlabaşı Community Workshop and Exhibition
(frågan)/(the question)
Draft for art in the public realm
Konstön / Art Island
Workshop as research
Record Construct
Bygg Rec

Local A. was started in 2009 and is run by the artists Felice Hapetzeder och Jenny Berntsson.





Bygg Rec (2010)


Bygg Rec was a collaboration between Local A. and Tensta Konsthall. Two art projects by the projectleaders of different nature, method and technology - Igloo Construction and Limits of Forgiveness - created a base for the project in co-operation with the young people. The workshop included sessions on contemporary art and teaching in basic training in filmmaking techniques. The project worked with young people who participated in art production and simultaneously learned how to work with moving images in workshop form. The participants had opportunity to develop an understanding of contemporary art and were given voice to interpret their reality by learning how to make a simple storyboard, script, interview techniques and dramatize moving images. The workshop's purpose was to help young people build self-esteem, sense of place, developing skills and social interaction beyond the limits of diversity.



With support from:

Jalla! and Swedish art grants committee and Stockholm Cultural council