Sculptural Pavilion
Arbetsplats(frågan)/The Workplace (question)
pilot Tarlabaşı Community Workshop and Exhibition
(frågan)/(the question)
Draft for art in the public realm
Konstön / Art Island
Workshop as research
Record Construct
Bygg Rec

Local A. was started in 2009 and is run by the artists Felice Hapetzeder och Jenny Berntsson.





Workshop as research (2012 - 2013)


Beginning in 2012, Local A. worked on a series of exhibitions, which were produced in collaboration with children and young people. During the workshops with the participants, sculpture material and documentation footage was acquired. This was the basis of research from which the artists produced the exhibitions. The theme of the workshops is the tension between collaboration and individual creativity.

The exhibition series began in Gallery Rostrum in Malmö summer of 2012 with the exhibition The workshop show, went to the House of Art in Uppsala A perfect workshop and ends in Norrköping Art Museum in 2013 with the project Konstön.

Konstön/Art Island (follow link)

The perfect workshsop

workshops and exhibition at KONSTHUSET Uppsala , 12 /9- 28/9 2012

In A perfect workshop, Local A. created a staging where the meeting between hand and material is highlighted as the most basic plot. The identity of the creative act to shape and be shaped. The children have created materials and sculptures in the exhibition along with newly produced works by the artists.

Resension: UNT

The workshop show

Galleri Rostrum, Malmö 15/8-18/8 2012

In The workshops show Local A. developed methods, concepts and content in meeting with a group of young people and an educator. These meetings worked as research for the sculpture- and video works that were exhibit after a two-week residence at Gallery Rostrum. The exhibition describes the tension between collaboration and individual creativity. The works presented in The workshops show is not a documentary presentation of workshops and their results, but stands independently on basis of these meetings.